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A Brief GMail Jay Update

Poor old GMail Jay. Gets into all sorts of adventures, and can’t seem to get himself out. In our last update, received with much hilarity, we heard the tale of my multiple GMail doppelgangers. From real estate in Dubai to satellite dishes in Connecticut, to interstate movie rentals, he (and she) gets around.

Since we last spoke, GMail Jay has been busy indeed. He went shopping at Nordstrom’s in Honolulu and conveniently had the receipt emailed to himself so he wouldn’t lose it. He has also, frustratingly, restarted his real estate career in Dubai.

gmail-logoFascinatingly, GMail Jay also appears to be on the negotiating team for several CUPE Locals in Toronto, who it seems are gearing up for several important contract negotiations with the City Of Toronto. The team thoughtfully sent me a pile of confidential briefing notes, and didn’t respond to my explanatory notes explaining they had the wrong Jay. I jokingly sent them a note saying I would forward the briefing materials to The Toronto Star if they didn’t stop. They did. (I had long deleted the obviously confidential documents without reading them.)

Most recently, GMail Jay seems to have become involved in the music industry. He has been asked to provide thoughts on an album cover for an emerging artist. “Behoward” sent the cover along with a note that he didn’t like the font. It was a good observation. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

I know two other people who have GMail problems similar to mine. However, where they each have one person mistakenly using their address, for some reason I am blessed with 20 or more. Long ago, when an old friend tracked me down on Facebook, she said, “do you know there are 173 Jay Lawrences listed”? I hadn’t known my name was so common. Now I do know indeed.

Which brings me to my point:  If your business uses email marketing, or even if it uses email to communicate with existing customers, have you looked at your systems to make sure people can get out just as easily as they got in?

If not, you are creating the potential for a negative impression every time someone mistakenly gets signed up.

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4 thoughts on “A Brief GMail Jay Update

  1. darmyers on said:

    Great blog Jay!

  2. Ha! I love this! Apparently, GMail thinks I am Colleen from Coatsville (which is in Pennsylvania — looks lovely). Poor Colleen has been looking for a job for nearly 5 years and is besieged by lady problems.

  3. Oh that’s the worst one of all! ouch!

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