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The Purple Cow

Driving home, you spot a field. In the field are cows. You get home, sit down to dinner. You excitedly exclaim, “I saw a field with cows!”

No, you don’t.

We see cows all the time. It’s routine. It’s boring. Just like a lot of advertising today.

purplecowSeth Godin, in his book The Purple Cow, opines that in order to cut through the clutter, we must be…A Purple Cow.

Seth talks about “being remarkable”. Being such a standout example of your craft that people are moved to “remark” on your efforts is key. Be different. Don’t do the same things all the other marketers are doing. Don’t be a cow.

Be a cow that’s purple. Do the unexpected. De-cliche. Stand out. Zig.

After all, if you were driving home, and saw a field of cows, and the one over by the tallest grass was a shocking shade of purple…wouldn’t that be the topic of conversation around your dinner table that night?

When your message is remarkable, your results will be too.

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