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Success Through Stimulation

There’s a highly technical explanation of Broca’s Area over at Wikipedia. But of course, highly technical explanations aren’t very interesting. At a very basic level, Broca’s is the area of your brain that filters out noise. It’s the gatekeeper to your mind.

As anyone who works in advertising to marketing will tell you, the noise level in the industry is at cacophonous levels. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages each and every day, and to succeed with your message, you have to get past the gatekeeBrocaBrain_1per.

How? By surprising and stimulating Broca’s Area. You do that by saying unexpected things. When you are unexpected, and surprising, Broca’s opens up the gate, and allows access to the conscious mind. Outside that gate, nothing happens. Inside that gate, you’ve got an engaged listener. The Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams, has written much about Broca’s, and why addressing it is key to effective advertising messages.

Example #1: A letter applying for a job might start with, “please consider my application for employment with your firm”. Blah. Noise. every other letter starts the same way. “I know you hate resumes”, is surprising, gets through the gate, and connects.

Example #2: A description of a house for sale might say, “Lovely 2-story with attached garage, 3 bedrooms, and a giant kitchen, perfect for the hobby chef.” Blah. Noise. Reads like every other real estate description. How about, “Open the door. Walk down the hall. The first thing you notice is the kitchen, and immediately you picture yourself cooking Christmas Dinner for the family. You can just make out the sound of kids playing in the oversized back yard.” That gets through the gate, and cuts through the noise.

Be unexpected. Crash through the gate. Be Heard.




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