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How Does It Feel?

FeelingsFeelings are experiences. Experiences make the best communication tools. Shared experiences have defined oral storytelling traditions for centuries.

What if your advertising could evoke feelings? What if, instead of listing the things that make your product great, you told a story that made someone feel a certain way? Wouldn’t that connect on a much deeper level?

You bet.

Let’s use the example of two jewelry shops. They both have similar products, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and a comparable price range. What makes the difference when someone is making a choice between Shop A and Shop B?

Aside from the fact that Shop A and Shop B have abysmal names and should probably hire an agency, one of our hypothetical shops likes to evoke emotion and feeling in their advertising.

Shop A: “Shop A has knowledgeable, helpful staff who are standing by to help you make the right decision. We’re open late on Fridays, and with our Super Summer Sale on now, there’s never been a better time to shop for that special ring!”


Shop B: “She’s the one. You know it. You want that special moment to be perfect. At Shop B, we get that. We’ll help. We could talk about cut, clarity, color, and a bunch of other technical terms for diamonds…but what matters most to you is that look on her face when you finally take that box out of your pocket, and ask The Question. Shop B. Ask The Question Right”.

Which shop gets more business?


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