Marketing and Communications ideas – popped!

For A Limited Time Only

Let’s see if you recognize anything on this list:tv

  • There’s never been a better time to buy
  • Super Summer Sale On now!
  • Hurry in!
  • Don’t wait, supplies are limited!
  • Act now, and get…
  • Crazy prices!

These, and countless others, are cliches. Overused, hackneyed phrases that advertisers have been overusing since cavemen scrawled the first ad on a stone wall. Using a wooly mammoth bone.

Using these cliches is the most ineffective way to connect. So many people are using them…that’s how they got overused! Plus, some of them MAY not be entirely truthful. I bet there will be another “better time to buy” pretty soon.

Wouldn’t you rather have a message that is unique, truthful, and connects?

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