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Experience, not Swag

imagesLocal Ad Agency Magnate Kevin Casey recently tweeted an observation about prizes.

Saw 3 local companies featuring “ipad mini” as a contest prize. Yawn. Offer up something people can’t buy off the shelves – An experience.

Kevin’s right. iPad minis are cool and all, and certainly a desirable item, but is that a remarkable prize? Would you go home from an event and excitedly tell your family, “I entered to win an iPad mini! I am so excited, I hope I win!”. Of course not. Filling out the ballot gets you another entry in the “routine things that happened today” file.

Now, what if the iPad mini wasn’t available yet? Now we’re talking about a desirable prize. Even better, what if the prize was a trip to Apple HQ to pick up your new iPad Mini on release day? The absolute best contests and promotions have a prize that is remarkable, can’t be bought with money, and involves an experience. Firms that embrace this philosophy have much more successful promotional events.


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